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Plugin for the Credentials framework that supports authentication using JWTs.


Plugin for Kitura-Credentials framework that supports authentication using JSON Web Tokens.

Swift version

The latest version of Kitura-CredentialsJWT requires Swift 4.0 or newer. You can download this version of the Swift binaries by following this link. Compatibility with other Swift versions is not guaranteed.

Example of JWT authentication for Codable routes

A Kitura Codable route can be authenticated using a JWT by using the JWT<C: Claims> type (defined by Swift-JWT) as a Type-Safe Middleware:

import SwiftJWT
import CredentialsJWT

// Define the claims that must appear in the JWT
struct MyClaims: Claims {
    // Subject's id (e.g. name)
    let sub: String

// Set up TypeSafeJWT by specifying the method for verifying a JWT signature
let key = "<PrivateKey>".data(using: .utf8)!
TypeSafeJWT.verifier = .hs256(key: key)

// Use the JWT type as a Type-Safe Middleware to protect a route. The handler will only be
// invoked if the JWT can be successfully verified, and contains the required claims.
router.get("/protected") {  (jwt: JWT<MyClaims>, respondWith: (User?, RequestError?) -> Void) in
    // (Decide whether to permit the user access to this resource, based on the JWT claims)
    // Send the requested resource:
    let user = User(name:
    respondWith(user, nil)


This library is licensed under Apache 2.0. Full license text is available in LICENSE.